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December Edition
Pae Ora: a healthy Future for All New Zealanders?
The Consultation Process and Submission Timeline
Te Tiriti o Waitangi
Significant Omissions
Focus on Achieving and Maintaining Health
Patient Safety
We Must Have a Patient/Consumer-Centred Health System

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October/November Edition
A National Women’s Health Plan
COVID and women’s wellbeing: New feminist analyses
Progressing the New Health System
A Matter of Justice and Human Rights: The importance of the right to appeal HDC decisions
Placing Children Front and Centre: AWHC submissions on Aotearoa New Zealand's adoption and surrogacy law reform
Consumers Improving the Health System
Accessible MS Word version of Newsletter for blind/low vision readers

August/September Edition
Watchdogs, Advocates and Lobbyists - the continuing relevance of women's health NGOs
ALCL - the latest danger for women with breast implants
Making the Newsletter Accessible
Stop Press - Changes to ACC Legislation Imminent
June/July Edition
The New 'Face' of AWHC
ACC's Discrimination against Women,
Māori and Pāsifika 
Celebrating Dame Cindy Kiro
AWHC Lobbies for Removing Barriers to Cervical Screening
Abortion Safe Areas Amendment Update
Ombudsman Highly Critical of HDC
Calls for a National Women's Health and Wellbeing Strategy
Update on Government Plans for Health System Overhaul

April Edition
Overhauling our Health System
Our Nation’s Shame – Maternal Suicide

AWHC Annual Report 2020
Another Attempt to Rewrite History: challenging suggestions to honour Herbert Green
News Briefs:
  • Possible new endometriosis treatment
  • Johnson & Johnson loses court appeal over surgical mesh injuries
  • Miscarriage Bereavement Bill
  • Contraception, Sterilisation, And Abortion (Safe Areas) Amendment Bill

February Edition
The Surrogacy Triangle
Informed Consent Issue at WDHB is Ongoing
Appealing for a Fairer, More Just HDC Process
The State of Cancer in Aotearoa New Zealand

September Edition
Prioritising Health in Aotearoa New Zealand

June Edition
PM Jacinda Ardern Backs Period Equality
Racism in our Health System
Health and Disability System Review
Otago Med School Reduces Training in Women's Health

DHB Culture of Dismissing Nurses Concerns

April Edition
Knock Knock, who's there? The knock-on and knock-out gendered effects of Covid-19
Has the HDC Fulfilled Its Promise?
The Parliamentary Review of the National Cervical Screening Programme
Farewell to Trish Fraser

March Edition
Women’s Health: invisible, ignored, misdiagnosed
Dispensing with Informed Consent in Women’s Health
Rheumatoid Arthritis is a Women’s Health Issue
Invisible Women: Exposing data bias in a world designed for men Caroline Criado-Perez A book review by Katie Palmer du Preez
Pain and Prejudice: A call to arms for women and their bodies Gabrielle Jackson A book review by Sue Claridge
Abortion Law Reform Update
A World of Pain, Humiliation, Trauma and Debilitation The harm wrought by surgical mesh on women
Legislating *Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

December Edition
A Challenge to Government to Improve the Health System: the AWHC tke on the Health and Disability System Review
Five years of Lobbying the HDC on Incapacitated Patients: have we achieved anything
NSU Finally Implements Screening Age Change
Auckland Metro DHB Elections
Abortion Law Reform

October Edition
Welcome to the Breast Cancer Edition
Breast Cancer in
Aotearoa New Zealand?
The Latest on HRT and Breast Cancer Risk
Mammography and Informed Consent
Prevention is Better than Cure: where is the progress on breast cancer prevention

August Edition
Moving Towards Abortion Law Reform
Restorative Health: mesh survivors telling their stories
What is it with Cancer in Aotearoa New Zealand?
Aotearoa New Zealand's Bowel Cancer Crisis
No Political Will for Prevention
HSQC Report on Adverse Events
Māori Health: Addressing inequities and racism in the health system

June Edition
2019 Women's Liveability Index
AWHC Annual Report 2018
NEAC Draft Ethical Standards for Research
Therapeutic Products Bill Consultation

February Edition
Medical Devices and Safety
Therapeutic Products Bill Consultation

Cervical Cancer Screening and Epigenetics
Severe Illness in Pregnant Women: We must do better!
Abortion and the Housing Crisis
Period Poverty – We Need to Follow Australia’s Lead
A Win for Women in Science and Medicine: Margaret Brimble made a Dame in New Year’s Honours
WDHB Launching New Consumer Council
December Edition
Perinatal and Maternal Mortality
Racial Disparities in Perinatal Deaths
The Global Caesarean ‘Epidemic’

October Edition
Charlotte Korte: a Woman of Influence
Choosing Wisely
Research Ethics, Medical Injury and Pharmaceutical Companies
Celebrating Thirty Years
Herstory – the founding of the Auckland Women’s Health Council
Long Awaited Apology for "Unfortunate Experiment"

May-June Edition
Dr Ashley Bloomfield – Director General of Health
Delays in Changes to the NCSP
Cervical Cancer in New Zealand
Abortion Law Reform  
Research Improving Outcomes for New-borns and their Mums
Update on Changes to Cervical Screening Register
April Edition
David Clark Appoints New DHB Chairs
Abortion Supervisory Committee Report 2017
Māori and Pasifika Disparities in Breast Cancer

February-March Edition
Farewell Jo, loved friend and colleague
The HDC Annual Report
A Health System in Crisis
The Midwifery Crisis
The Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) Review of the Ministry of Health
Acting Chairs Appointed to the Metro DHBs

January Edition
Surgical Mesh: a health crisis

Consent, Culture and the Consumer Experience: the 2017 HDC Conference
Changes Afoot
     Resignation of Chai Chuah, Director General of Health
The New Ministerial Advisory Group
Who Has Political Oversight of Our Health System? 
Lester Levy Resigns as Chair of Metro DHBs
Mental Health Inquiry

September Edition - Lynda's Newsletter
This edition of the newsletter is a special tribute to Lynda Williams. 
Remembering Lynda

May-June Edition

PHARMAC rejects funding for sanitary products      
Young Women and Breast Cancer
AWHC Annual Report  
Are NZ Primary Schools Ready for Early Puberty?
Worries and Warm Fuzzies 
Mammograms: Are we over-diagnosing small tumours?
Review of the National Ethics Advisory Committee
Health and National’s May Budget
Health Policy for the Upcoming Election

March-April Edition
Big Shoes to Fill: changing of the guard
HDC Consultation on Non-Consensual Research: informed consent and medical experiments
HPV Vax for Boys: changes to the HPV vaccine schedule
Still a Long Way to Go: informed consent and medical experiments... again!
Over-the-Counter Contraceptives
Abortion Supervisory Committee Report 2016
Sad Loss of Breast Cancer Network

February 2017
A review of Ron Jones’ book “Doctors in Denial.” 
An apology from RANZCOG at the book launch 
Breast implants linked to a rare form of cancer


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