2012 Newsletters

February 2012
  • Major flaws in new standard operating procedures for ethics committees
  • Tissue Banks in New Zealand
  • Abortion Supervisory Committee 2011 Report
  • French Breast Implants scandal
March 2012
  • NZ’s maternity hospitals – how are they doing at keeping birth normal?
  • Update on Abortion statistics for 2010 More trouble with NZ’s breast cancer screening
  • HIV/AIDS report for 2011
May 2012
  • Saying goodbye to tobacco in New Zealand
  • Maternity consumer survey Update on medical devices Time to Care by Robin Youngson
  • Cartwright Inquiry website
June 2012
  • WikiLeaks cable reveals US impact on breastfeeding in the Philippines
  • Screening for HIV during pregnancy – is it worth it?
  • Cancer screening leads to overdiagnosis
  • Cartwright Inquiry website
July 2012
  • The Good Doctor: What Patients Want
  • Perinatal and Maternal Mortality in 2010
  • New ethics committees start work Bioethics & Health Law conference – “Harm, Health & Responsibility”
August 2012
  • What Medsafe says about PIP breast implants
  • The $3 billion fine
  • Antidepressant use in NZ children
  • The August 5th ceremony
September 2012
  • CIN 2 – a controversial study
  • National Women’s Annual Clinical Report for 2011
  • DES: Why it still matters A Seminar on Clinical Ethics
October 2012
  • Report on Review of Breast Biopsy Errors
  • Extending paid parental leave
  • The Truth about the latest Herceptin trials
  • Preventing Overdiagnosis and the Cochrane Colloquium
November 2012
  • ‘Viki’ – Paula’s solution to child abuse
  • Surgical mesh problems cost millions in ACC claims
  • The Myth of research and development costs of new drugs
  • Overcharging women for cervical smears
December 2012
  • Maternity care in Counties Manukau fails mothers and babies
  • The battle for the truth about Tamiflu