Keeping You Safe

The Auckland Women’s Health Council is all about improving women’s health and well-being; but health and well-being isn’t just about health care and our health system. Many factors influence a person’s health and well-being; domestic violence is one of the factors that can significantly impact a woman’s health… anyone’s health. Whether or not you are a cis-gendered straight woman, lesbian, non-binary, transgender – no matter how you identify you may be impacted by domestic violence.

We want to do our bit to help New Zealanders stay safe if they face domestic violence. We want to ensure that visiting our website helps and does not harm. So we have added the Women’s Refuge Shielded Site, information on how to hide your visit if you are worried about someone finding out that you have visited this website, and a quick exit button in our header that will take you out of the site to a neutral website. Click on the buttons below to find out more.

If you are visiting the Auckland Womens Health Council website from outside Aotearoa New Zealand and feel unsafe, or a have experienced harassment, rape, sexual abuse, physical or psychological violence visit