Submission on the Right to Appeal HDC Decisions

Over a period of about 18 months, AWHC was involved with supporting Renate Schütte’s Parliamentary petition requesting that the “House of Representatives amend the Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994 to give complainants, and those that are the subject of complaints, the right to appeal decisions made by the Health and Disability Commissioner.”

The petition was referred to the Health Select Committee (HSC) and together with Ms Schütte, a number of other interested parties, including AWHC, were invited to lodge written submissions and subsequently oral submissions were heard by the HSC.

Written submissions are provided below together with links to videos of the oral submissions.

AWHC's written submission

AWHC's written submission on the right to appeal decisions made by the HDC in support of Renate Schütte's Parliamentary petition.

Renate Schütte’s written submission

Renate Schütte’swritten submission with three surgical mesh case studies, including her own surgical mesh story and subsequent complaint to the HDC, for which she received a “no further action” (NFA) decision.

The submission of the FWHC

The written submission of the Federation of Women’s Health Councils in support of Renate Schütte’s petition.

The Cartwright Collective submission

Written submission from the Cartwright Collective in support Renate Schütte’s petition, including two case studies, written by Prof. Jo Manning, Professor of Law at the University of Auckland.

Submission from the MoH

A written submission from the Ministry of Health.

Submission from the Ombudsman

A written submission from the Ombudsman, Peter Boshier.

Submission from Ron Paterson

Written submission from Ron Paterson, former Health & Disability Comisssioner.

Submission from the Health & Disability Commissioner

Written submission from Morag McDowell, the current Health & Disability Commissioner.

Notes of the AWHC's oral submission

Written notes for the AWHC’s oral submission.

Oral submissions in support of the right to appeal HDC decisions

Video of oral submissions to the Health Select Committee from Renate Schütte, Prof Jo Manning (Cartwright Collective), Sue Claridge (AWHC), and Charlotte Korte (Patient Advocate).

Oral submissions from the HDC and Ombudsman

Video of oral submissions to the Health Select Committee from Morag McDowell (HDC) and Peter Boshier (Ombudsman).

Oral submission from Ron Paterson

Video of oral submissions to the Health Select Committee from former HDC, Ron Paterson.