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What Price a Free Dinner?

Lynda Williams reports on a pro-formula ​​presentation that made even the most hardened cynics among us turn ashen-faced.

Result of Complaint to Ministry of Health Compliance Panel

From the Maternity Services Consumer Council Newsletter June 2010

The outcome of a complaint laid regarding the free dinners organised for GPs, Plunket and midwives by the drug company Bayer on 23 and 25 June 2008 and the pre-dinner presentations given by Auckland paediatrician Peter Nobbs on “Feeding options for women not fully breastfeeding” which was followed by a presentation by a Bayer employee promoting a range of specialised infant formulas manufactured by Bayer.

Mother's Milk: Precious Protection

Breastmilk and immunity, by Sue Claridge

I Am Not a Breast Nazi

An article originally written by Sue Claridge in support of breastfeeding, in response to Nigel Latta referring to those who are staunchly pro-breastfeeding as breast Nazis in both his 2009 TV series The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show and his Politically Incorrect Parenting Book.


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