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The Auckland Women’s Health Council publishes a newsletter each month excluding January.
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September Edition - Lynda's Newsletter
This edition of the newsletter is a special tribute to Lynda Williams. The entire newsletter can be viewed via the link below.
Remembering Lynda

May-June Edition Contents:

PHARMAC rejects funding for sanitary products      
Young Women and Breast Cancer
AWHC Annual Report  
Are NZ Primary Schools Ready for Early Puberty?
Worries and Warm Fuzzies 
Mammograms: Are we over-diagnosing small tumours?
Review of the National Ethics Advisory Committee
Health and National’s May Budget
Health Policy for the Upcoming Election

March-April Edition Contents:
Big Shoes to Fill: changing of the guard
HDC Consultation on Non-Consensual Research: informed consent and medical experiments
HPV Vax for Boys: changes to the HPV vaccine schedule
Still a Long Way to Go: informed consent and medical experiments... again!
Over-the-Counter Contraceptives
Abortion Supervisory Committee Report 2016
Sad Loss of Breast Cancer Network

February Edition Contents:
A review of Ron Jones’ book “Doctors in Denial.” 
An apology from RANZCOG at the book launch 
Breast implants linked to a rare form of cancer


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Celebrating the Life of Judi Strid

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