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AUP Apologises to Professor Seddon

The 27 March 2010 issue of the Listener contains an apology from Auckland University Press to both Professor Richard Seddon and the University of Otago. The apology follows the Auckland University Press' publication of Linda Bryder's book A History of the Unfortunate Experiment at National Women's Hospital, and it is as follows:

"Professor Linda Bryder's recently published A History of the Unfortunate Experiment at National Women's Hospital" contained the statement, reproduced from the unpublished memoirs of the late Professor David Cole, that Professor Richard Seddon was forced by the University of Otago to leave his post as Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at that University. The author and publisher now accept that the statement in the book is incorrect. An apology has been provided to both Professor Seddon and the University of Otago." 

An article in the Otago Daily Times on 18 May 2010 revealed that as well as written apologies from Linda Bryder and the public apology that appeared in the New Zealand Listener, both the University of Otago and Professor Seddon received payment of their legal costs. Other details of the settlement were the subject of a confidentiality agreement, according to a University of Auckland spokesperson who declined to say how much money had been paid. The article is available at http://www.odt.co.nz/on-campus/university-otago/106449/apologies-issued-over-book






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