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AWHC Submissions

Each year the Auckland Women's Health Council makes written submissions and attends consultation meetings on a variety of health issues that affect the health of women and patient rights. The Council also writes many letters to health authorities and the Minister of Health on various matters. It is worth noting that the current political environment is not conducive to meaningful consultation and there are often unrealistic time-frames given for producing submissions. Written submissions made by the Council include:

Crimes (Definition of Female Genital Mutilation) Amendment Bill

Abortion Law Reform submissions

Therapeutic Products Bill Consultation and appended copy of Developing New Zealand Regulation: Lessons from Pelvic Mesh Devices. This document is a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) dissertation written by an AWHC member in 2018. We responded to the following questions in the consultation document:

B13  |  B14  |  B16  |  B27  |  B35  |  C1  |  C4  |  C5  |  C11   |  C12  |  C13  |  C16  |  C52  |  C53

Our responses - in blue text - start at Question B13 on page 52 of 198 of the linked pdf document.

Draft National Ethics Standards for Health and Disability Research

Proposed changes to the National Health Index (NHI) system 

Abortion Law Reform: Submission from the Auckland Women’s Health Council to the Law Commission - May 2018

Health (National Cervical Screening Programme) Amendment Bill - May 2018

Health and disability research involving adult participants who are unable to provide informed consent - April 2017

AWHC Submission on the Health Research Strategy - July 2016

National Health Committee: The Introduction of Fit for Purpose Omics-based Technologies – Think Piece - April 2016

AWHC Submission on HPV Primary Screening October 2015

The Review of The Health & Disability Commissioner Act 1994 & Code of Rights - February 2014

AWHC Submission of the Medicines Amendment Bill

AWHC Submission on the Draft Standard Operating Procedures for Health & Disability Ethics Committees
- February 2012

The Review of The Health & Disability Commissioner Act 1994 & Code of Rights - February 2009

AWHC Submission on Draft Operational Standard for Health and Disability Ethics Committees  - August 2001

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